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CrystalBall: Easy 3D Dosimetry

OCTOPUS™ : Tabletop laser CT scanner
CrystalBall™ : Reusable 3D polymer gel dosimeter
All-in-one, high-resolution
3D Dosimetry System (3DDS)*:
  • New user-friendly, small-footprint, automated OCTOPUS™ pencil-beam laser CT scanner**, with built-in VOLQA™ software (DICOM import, image registration, dose calibration, QA analysis & automatic summary report). Operation in normal office light. Minimal maintenance. Easy loading and unloading of the dosimeter.  An easy-setup QA phantom includes 3D image registration and image-guidance markers. 
  • CrystalBallset: four reusable radiochromic polymer gel dosimeters* sealed air-tight inside standardized, photo-protective, thin-wall glass spheres.
  • Patient-specific QA:
    • Proton Therapy
    • SRS/SBRT
    • IMRT
  • End-to-End testing for:
    • Annual/Monthly QA
    • Commissioning/Credentialing/Auditing
  • Medical Physics research 
  • Phantom setup time:

2 minutes

  • OCTOPUS™ laser CT scan time:

30 minutes

  • Time from phantom exposure to final QA report:

less than 1 hr

  • Dosimetric precision/accuracy:

99.5 %/99.0 %

  • Bragg-peak quenching for proton beams:


  • Spatial resolution (3D):

down to 0.25 mm

  • Scan volume:

up to 24cm x 24cm x 25cm

  • Scanner dimensions:

90 cm L x 60 cm W x 60 cm H

  • CrystalBall™ outer diameter:

166 mm

CrystalBall QA Examples:

Proton Therapy: IMPT

CyberKnife: Trigeminal Neuralgia

*) Patents pending.
*) At the present time, the 3DDS™ does not yet have FDA510(k) approval for beam dosimetry input data for treatment planning in radiotherapy.
*) MGS Research Inc pioneered 3D polymer gel dosimetry and high-resolution 3D laser CT technology over twenty years ago. Our original BANG polymer gel dosimeter used to be digitized using MRI, but we have discontinued offering that product for clinical use due to difficulties our customers had with the access to and the operation of MRI scanners with the desired dosimetric accuracy.
**) The method of 3D dosimetry by optical CT scanning of optically responsive 3D chemical dosimeters (whether gels or solids) is proprietary to MGS and protected by US Patent 6,218,673 (Optical Scanning Tomography for Three-Dimensional Dosimetry and Imaging of Energy Fields).