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Our Products and Services

  • CrystalBall 3D Dosimetry System (3DDS) for QA and E2E testing
  • QAbyMail service: we ship CrystalBall dosimeters and special QA phantoms to medical physicists. They return the exposed dosimeters back to us, along with DICOM files (CT and RTDOSE). We scan the CrystalBalls in our OCTOPUS laser CT scanners, perform QA (or E2E) analysis, and return QA reports and interactive data files.
  • Research-grade OCTOPUS laser CT scanners for gel dosimetry, medical physics or other research. For research use only.
  • Research-grade do-it-yourself BANG polymer gel dosimeter kit for MRI readout. Needs chem lab equipment. For research use only.
  • Custom fabrication of various BANG polymer gel dosimeters in phantoms, for MRI readout. For research use only.

The method of 3D dosimetry by optical CT scanning of optically responsive 3D chemical dosimeters (whether gels or solids) is proprietary to MGS and protected by US Patent 6,218,673 (Optical Scanning Tomography for Three-Dimensional Dosimetry and Imaging of Energy Fields).