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Welcome to MGS Research, Inc., the only commercial provider of BANG-GEL-QA™ - the most complete, three dimensional radiation dosimetry, quality assurance, and individual treatment validation tool for modern 3D radiation therapy and radiosurgery.  

Our mission is to create an entirely new global standard of care in radiotherapy and radiosurgery that will forever eliminate the danger of life-threatening misadministration of these procedures.

Our unique 3D gel dosimetry system relies on our proprietary three-dimensional, tissue-equivalent BANG® polymer gel dosimeters and on our proprietary technologies of optical tomographic scanning and magnetic resonance imaging of BANG gels to provide the complete 3D visualization and accurate measurement of radiation doses to be delivered to patients.

3D gel dosimetry is truly an old idea whose time has come!

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Target practice. It gives you confidence. Your patients need it now more than ever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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