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Welcome to 3D Dosimetry!

We are pleased to present the first ever, integrated and cost-effective, high-resolution 3D Dosimetry System for the most complete End-to-End process quality assurance (QA) in SRS/SBRT/IMRT/VMAT and Particle Therapy.

Our 3D Dosimetry System (3DDS™) detects any significant error throughout the entire treatment volume, with sub-millimmeter resolution and superb accuracy, no matter where in the treatment planning/delivery process the error originates.

With optical density calibrated to dose, 3DDS™ is conceptually equivalent to a stack of film dosimeters in a QA phantom, a film scanner and a 3D QA software.

3DDS™ features dosimeter reusability, superior accuracy, high spatial resolution in 3D, and a significant reduction of medical physics workload and cost per QA.

After years of R&D and clinical validation, we are ready to move our product "from bench to bedside".  

The 3DDS™ will:

  • improve patient safety and outcomes in radiotherapy

  • reduce complications/recurrences/readmissions

  • streamline the QA process while capturing errors that may not be seen with other QA tools

  • accelerate the adoption of the most advanced radiotherapy systems

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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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